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Members of Pergerakan Mahasiswa Islam Indonesia (PMII) at the State Islamic University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, employ the philosophy of ‘rahmatan lil ‘alamin’ (mercy for all creation) as a fundamental tool of moral navigation. This film follows the struggle of actualizing academic social theory with the reality of life in Indonesia. From the campus to coffee shops to the rural village of Kepuhan, PMII’s core values of community and equality are exhibited through friendship, faith, political justice and their love of the nation of Indonesia.

Produced in partnership with Kampung Halaman for the 2012 Vimy Global Team project "Rooted in Community: Documentaries Exploring Youth Culture in Indonesia."

Funding and support provided by UNC Center for Global Initiatives, Nourish International at UNC, Scripps Howard Foundation, and the Campus Y at UNC.